Personality Thursday [41] – Neema

A short while ago I had the pleasure of shooting Neema for her upcoming album, or has it been released already. Capturing that sun was the main plan and I think we did capture it well. She was going for an Out-of-this-world look for the processing(anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite kind of post-work). Look out for the album coming out in a few days. It’s called ‘Dawn’.

I met Neema kitambo kiasi (2002/3 I think) when she used to sing without accompanying beats *hides* but the point is I know she has come a long way till now, her music has evolved, she has evolved too and the product keeps getting better. I actually remember a conversation in a certain shady chipo(fries) joint in south B when she was talking about how she would so much want to do a Wyre/Nazizi collabo. I love the song she ended up doing with Wyre…when i listen to it, I remember that conversation.

So anyway…on to the pictures. She is not expecting this by the way, well, at least not today.


23 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [41] – Neema

  1. Ok, my English really stinks right now…so Ahem, I will do this again:
    Excellent, Really excellent..If her music doesn’t sell the CD, the pictures most definitely will

  2. Kumbe its you who did these photos… been seing them on fb. out-of-this-world amazing… especially the one she chose for her album cover(last pic). too too nice

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