The Hustle. Where most dwell on a daily. Characterized by the toil and the labor made worthwhile by the fruit of the labor. We choke on the hustle, gasping for air on the hustle, feeling like we are going under on the hustle. Frustration, affliction, the scourge? Daily bread, basic needs needed. Toiling for the food for the strength to toil again. It’s a vicious cycle, like a dog running in circles to bite its tail. A cycle of deceit, a cycle of defeat. Is there no end to the bite of the hustle?

In comes passion with its own magical powers. Power to introduce love in the hustle. Power to turn the hustle into passion filled grit. Power to hear the harmony in the pounding of the day, finding the joy in the midst of the storm. Smile, because someone once said ‘You either do what you love or learn to love what you do’. Music, love, joy, laughter all working together to transform the hustle. Turning me from mean mugging to smile sharing, to loving what I do and loving where I’m at.

Now I soar in the realization that life and death is in the power of my tongue. I chose life and it chose me back. I live, I love, I enjoy every bit of life. My cogs are clean now I’m no longer hustling, no longer on the corner. Lifted by life’s music driven by God’s love. The hustle, is no longer a hustle.


Models: George, Hanako & Thogi 


George: White shirt, black pants, ties, shoes, shades – (model’s own) | Prop; guitar courtesy of Joe Were

Hanako: Polka top, black skirt, heels, shades – (model’s own) | Black and red block ear piece – Zumaridi Bangle | Waist band – Bead Affair | Prop; ‘African Boobs’ stunners courtesy of C Stunners by Cyrus Kabiru

Thogii: Black &white silk ruffle dress – Ke.ko | Brass beaded block ear piece – Lalin | Glasses, Black Gladiators – (model’s own) | Prop; Biker gloves courtesy of Mutua Matheka

Styling and story board by Kay Ndeto

Make up by Sonnie K


For any inquiry about any of the above items, feel free to contact them. This is the complete list of the designers:

 -Mohlita Designs (0722 888 144)
– Zumaridi Ornate (0724 302 497)
– Bead Affair (0722 441 840)
– Kevin Oak (0733 240 008)
– Lalin Design (0729 168 850)
– C Stunners by Cyrus Kabiru
– Bidii Beads by Sylvia Gichia
– Ke.Ko





13 thoughts on “The HUSTLE!!

  1. Is it me, or does the model in the first pic look like she’s yawning as the dude is breaking the guitar? Lol! Anyway, really enjoyed this one. Especially those “mercury” tears. Very Sci-Fi!

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