Track on Truck!

“Unit Alpha to unit Lambda, target has been acquired. What is the primary objective? Do we decommission or do an acquisition?”

“No soldier, your orders are to stand by until further communication. Contents are highly radioactive. Any disturbance may be the end of us. We have to find a way to make the acquisition clean & quiet, you hear that, clean & quiet”…..static….

“Roger that General..”


“The project is approaching at an alarmingly slow pace, it looks like we may have been made. This shall compromise the mission. I think it’s their way of fooling us into thinking that the content is not radioactive as we originally thought….I smell a rat and I’m pretty sure it’s not your socks corporal…..maintain a visual”



“It hits me that we are sitting ducks in this here hot air balloon. What if they are not convinced by our ‘We love Kenya’ hats, cameras and safari boots? Isn’t that what tourists wear? This is getting dangerous. Captain! Captain!…” blip….blip….blip….

“What the hell is going on? We may have to engage the possibly-radioactive-carrying-potential-terrorists….oh wait!…is that ballooning equipment I see….drat!”


The above were the last recordings of a sergeant on duty and should not be taken seriously. Apparently it was radioactive, or maybe it was the corporal’s socks that were the death of them.


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