Personality Thursday [39] – The Spirit of Africa

The spirit of Africa is something that has been talked about so much but what is it really? Is it running around with traditional drums and sisal skirts or wrapping oneself in a maasai kikoi? Well I guess to each their own.

For me, the Spirit of Africa is about hope, about a brighter future. It’s not really about dwelling in the past. It’s not just about traditions but about understanding traditions so as to pass them on wisely to our children. It’s about integrating our fashion with fashion trends around the world. It’s about making and sharing technology for us, to solve our problems in a way that is manageable to us. It’s about understanding what we have and using that which we have to make a difference in the world. We seem not to understand our potential and the kind of resource we work with and the power behind us. Quite frankly I fear for the world for the time Africa starts to live for just a quarter of our true potential because it shall be beautiful.

What can you do? What do you do? Start there. Make a small difference in the small stuff. Whether as a model, photographer, designer, artist, banker, architect. Any capacity. The minute we start to think about how we can better that which we do to benefit generations, the day we start to live the true Spirit of Africa. Life is too short to worry about making and amassing wealth, yes, I said it. There is more to life.

This is part 1 of a series of posts from a shoot we did as oneTouch in Lukenya hills some time back. This first one is about The Spirit of Africa.

Shoot story and styling by Kay Ndeto

Make up by Sonnie K

Graciously modeled by Thogi (check out her blog ‘Getting On the Runway‘)

Clothing: Red and blue African print dress -Mohlita Grey, beaded pin earings – Zumaridi Blue and creamy neck piece- Bead Affair

If you need any of these pieces they are available from

– Mohlita Designs (0722 888 144)
– Zumaridi Ornate (0724 302 497)
– Bead Affair (0722 441 840)



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