Rock Steady

Unveiled before you is Lukenya. A Savannah hill and plain just a little after Kitengela on your way to Machakos. The location was venue for a oneTouch shoot that happened last week. Photos from the shoot shall be coming soon to a blog near you, worry not. This is a collection of the rocks, shrubs and grass that is Lukenya.


11 thoughts on “Rock Steady

  1. Nice! Just when I was beginning to think this HDR stuff is being overdone, you go ahead and show us what is so good about it :-) I really like the first one.

  2. wow the last pic baba amazing can’t even express the beauty and magic going on spectacular,magnificent,splendid, geeez goosebumps……..pure bliss

  3. That last photo….Ive seen it so many times before in my head, and in real life- and you froze it perfectly!!!!

    Oh Lukenya…my memories of you shall forever be in my heart!

  4. Rock of Ages, lol! Yup, the last one is such a winner!!! :-D And it seems it was just about the time the world was ending and mguyz was on His way! He did you a favour….before He changed His mind and went back, lol! :-)

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