Personality Thursday [38] – Memoirs of the City

His memories of the city were of a dark city, a dark city in a dark continent. A city painted in dust and the blood of innocents, mugged and robbed silly in the still of the night. A city that seemed to have a curfew, where no one could be seen on the streets in the still of the night. He had memories of a city where no one looked out for anyone else but themselves.

On this night his expectations weren’t any different but they were definitely not met. The city was alive in the night. The lights made you feel like it was day time. The city was a buzz of activity, from the cab driver asking to take you home. The random beggar who asked for a helping hand, the con that tried to get money for a senseless story. The cars, the headlights, the brake lights all coming together into a visual delight. The air seemed fresher, the alley’s seemed brighter, the people friendlier.

He looked around, taking in all in, feeling the sensation of life. His city had changed, it was a dark city no more. He credited the people in the city for the change. As people passed around him, they thought he was a bumpkin, bamboozled by the city lights. In a sense it was true but the flashing lights brought him hope. A smile broke on his face. He had hope for his city, he felt proud of his city. He knew that the darkness wasn’t finished but he also knew that the light was sweeping in and replacing the dark.

He was proud and so should you.


Shoot was done in various streets of Nairobi city. Shooting alongside and assisting in many ways were fellow shooters, Diana Ngila, H. Murimi & Joe Makeni.


11 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [38] – Memoirs of the City

    You have outdone yourself in this post…its not just the imagery, but how you brought it out, and your lingo.
    You spoke to the visual guy, and the writer guy….which makes you double credible.
    Well, leave the writing to kina, but still ..ATTA BOY!!!

    The second set was killer…maybe because I know Sev, so the Peeping Tom effect in that set spoke to me!!!1

    Greta Model, Great Photographer(s)…and Yes, I am now your biggest fan!!

    Go BRO!!!!!!

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