A Study in times

So I figured it was about time I went back to doing some good old fashioned HDR photography & made my first stop here as I was shooting some architecture in that area. I used 5 exposures for this photo. You shall notice the difference between the times with the next photo. I don’t think this was the optimum time to shoot this photo as I feel the drama is a little limited by the lack of lights. Compared to the photo below, shot at around 7.00pm which is also the blue sky hour. Notice the blue in the sky and the lights in the buildings that can be seen but not in total darkness. I find timing to be one of the best habits in landscape & city scape photography, you get lucky till you know the best times to shoot.

You be the judge. Which times made a better photo? (both are HDR)

5 thoughts on “A Study in times

  1. eeerm, I Don quite know that much about photography buh, I think the first photo shows a great transition and a futuristic effect!! is that possible on video?

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