Golfer, Business woman & Daughter of Africa

Hi guys. Today allow me to introduce to you and others, Anne Mambo, a very successful entrepreneur and a lover of art. Anne is the founder of Exotic Golf Safaris, a company that that focuses on delivering golf tours that combine the beauty of Africa with golf to make a unique experience for golfers. She loves golf herself and cannot imagine a life where she doesn’t play the game.

Anne is very passionate about life and God and golf and art..well, a number of things, but the combination of all these give you a fun lady to hang out with. Once she get’s to talking about art or the beauty of our country, you can’t get her stopped, you can see her getting bubbly with excitement, she will narrate her experiences with a laugh that always make’s you smile. She loves African art and collects a lot of it any time she can, from different countries too.

We have come to a successful completion of the Portrait week and I am happy with the results and for the task having pushed me to shoot the most portraits I have in a week. Did you enjoy portrait week? What was your best post of the week? Should I do more of these themed weeks? No, that wasn’t a questioner…just eager to get your feedback.

Do have a lovely day & weekend. Next week; A week of Nairobi nights & lights.

5 thoughts on “Golfer, Business woman & Daughter of Africa

  1. WOW! (the word I always use when I see/comment here!)

    I love the colours. I am a very purple-ish person so the hues are coming out so marvellously! Niice!!

    Oh, and I agree with Murasta! She looks different in all ways!

  2. Thanks guys. & for the comments too.
    @Murasta, she does right? I guess it’s part of her multiple personality.
    @Joliea hahaha thank you. Your wow’s are much appreciated. Keep purpleish…:)

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