Personality Thursday [37] – Asha Mwilu

Hi there, I’m Asha, Asha Mwilu. Welcome to Mutua’s  blog. Whatever he says about me here may or may not be true…so to make it fair for everyone….believe the good bits and reject the rest :).

So on Saturday I met a lady called Asha as she introduced herself up there. A fun person to shoot and I enjoyed every bit of the 2hrs or so that we shot these. Asha is a radio personality, or isn’t that what we call anyone who works in radio? no? Ok, she works in radio, editing & getting the news to you.


Makeup done by Patricia Kihoro who also doubled up as the photographer’s assistant, how about that? Many thanks for that Patricia.

21 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [37] – Asha Mwilu

  1. very nice!the colors come alive!! i like the one where she’s turning into her ‘dark side’ …really cool!

  2. WOW!!! Hot hot hot!! the pics are hot. Mutua now i want u to take my personal photos and yeah can patricia do my make up too :)

  3. Asha is looking FaB! Kumbe she was just hiding all these good things when she was at USIU? Look! The truth revealed! Awesome stuff Asha! (Dismissedly) Oh yeah, you too Mutua, lol! :-D

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