Wishing on a Shooting Star

They said it was impossible, they said it could never happen, that no one has ever dared do it and neither should he. They said it was the reserve of the god’s and that no one man should have that much power, let alone a man as less as he was. They said it over and over, He began to believe it.

The glimmer in his eye caused by the glitter in the sky did not go away though. Every once in a while when the moon light bathed the sky, he looked up and reached out to touch a star. He felt his feet lift and leave the ground and felt the kiss of the stars on his forehead. He kept his eyes wide shut and held on to the moment lest it went fleeting. As the cool breeze flapped his coat and caused a stray tear to roll down his cheek, he knew this was where he wanted to be.

They called him a dreamer, called him a builder of castles in skies. He smiled and thought of the possibility of life in the castle. They called him a wanderer, never still, never at home on the ground. They called him an alien, said he didn’t belong. They didn’t know he was waiting on a different kind of castle in the skies, waiting on a kingdom from yonder.

He opened his eyes and his feet were still on the ground. Slightly disappointed he was, but a smile on his face he still had. For he could still see the twinkle in the stars and he knew the Hero was going to come back. For now, he lives on the ground but keeps his eye on the skies, wishing on a shooting star & waiting on the Hero.


10 thoughts on “Wishing on a Shooting Star

  1. Jus have to leave a comment!im dumb founded!!totally out of this world!gud photography n model too!!keep it up boy! :-)

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