Sara Mitaru in Concert

On 6th May, I attended Sara Mitaru’s concert to enjoy music ‘as my friend says’ through the lens. This was the first time I saw her in concert and I was thoroughly entertained and educated and moved. It was an awesome show. On the lenses were my compadre’s Steve and Mwarv. The guy on lights was having a bit of excess fun and we had to do lots of light chasing. I hope you can enjoy the show through my lens if you weren’t there. A bit of a long one today.

The many faces of Sara

Diana ‘Dee’ Nduba

Angie Gachui 

Isaac Mugunda on guitar & Asaph on bass

These are NOT background vocalists…they are serious vocalists; Bien of Sauti Sol, Dempsey, Noel & Lisa

“Songea, songea, songea, songea-ah nikupe mapenzi” ….with Kavutha, they brought the house down

In attendance (pretty sure that if you were here, you’re looking for yourself)

“Super producer – almost”…Blackman

And it was curtains down. A great show by all means


8 thoughts on “Sara Mitaru in Concert

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  2. ooohhh… so that is what its called??? enjoying a gig through the lens…. i see how you could get away with that….

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