iPhone Moments

“The KICC” & “Early morning traffic jam around the Junction area”

My quest to be a better photographer forces me to shoot using my iPhone so as to focus on other things apart from lenses and what not. Regular visitors have seen my previous iPhone posts here. It had been a while since I posted any so here goes.

A view of Lake elementaita from the hotel whose name I now forget..drat

“Lonely Tree – Machakos” & “The 18th hole – Great Rift Valley Lodge, Naivasha

“Father” & “Son”

My boys’ kids, “Kalyia” & “Wendo”. Being bred to date some 20 years from now

Well, I hope I encouraged someone to take photos, even from your phone, if you love photography. As Ken Rockwell says “Great Photos are made by people, not cameras”

All the photos have been shot and edited on my iPhone using Instagram, Adobe Photoshop Express & 100 cameras in 1. I love these apps. If you have the iPhone & love photography download these apps and have fun playing around with them

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