Personality Thursday [35] – Portraits In High Key

For those wondering what high-key means, according to Wikipedia;

High-key lighting is a style of lighting for filmtelevision, or photography that aims to reduce the lighting ratio present in the scene….High-key lighting is usually quite homogeneous and free from dark shadows. The terminology comes from the key light (main light).

The other week at oneTouch we explored High Key photography and this is what I managed to come up with as modeled by oneToucher’s Nyingez, Njeri, Skubi & Faith. We went with a large soft box light as the background to give a stark white back and even spread light from behind the models heads. This is the reason I chose to go for head shots to show the detail and light play.

In other news. A friend of mine and of many of you who read this, Ng’endo needs our help. Her mom needs to go through knee replacement surgery. Now I don’t need to know what that means to know that it is serious. You can read about it on her blog here and kindly help in any way you can. It’s a call to action. Also follow @teambritish on twitter and help reach the goal of 500,000ksh. In connection to this, the 90th and 120th contributor get a free photo shoot from me. Get donating people. Thanks


9 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [35] – Portraits In High Key

  1. is the glare deliberate?

    how about some great real life photos that show detail so clear its better than meeting the model in person.

    like plain white background and great detail on face – flattening the souce of light so that there are no shadows and nothing to distract from the details of interest i.e the model’s face.

    try that with fingers, can you hack showing a model with his/her fingers on his/her face and still draw attention to the face and not the fingers, the glare or the light?

    • Hi, thanks for passing by here. Yes, the glare is deliberate Kui, everything about this shoot was mean’t to be away from how I normally do it. The task was to shoot in high key so it’s why they are as they are. I have more ‘normal’ looking portraits all over the blog…check em out

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  3. I like it that you are willing to experiment and get out of your comfort zone. Keep it up bro and thanks for commenting on my site.

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