Personality Thursday [34] – Shedding light on a Blackman

I recently took these photos of a friend of mine, David Muthami popularly known as the Blackman. This is one of the quickest shoots I have done too…it was one touch all the way. Blackman is a super producer based in Nairobi, Kenya and one who’s hip hop production has personally made a difference for me in the local scene, kinda revolutionary-ish. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff he puts out…(that, my friend is a threat to you..harakisha). You can read about his chronicles on his blog too.

Married to songbird and U.N ambassador Sara who by the way is doing a show next Friday 06th May, 2011. You better be there, I shall. I guess you can tweet him for details (@jusblackman). Ok, that is it, you can move on to the photos now.


For the photography enlightened, I don’t have a white background but I do have a large window that I use with the curtains drawn. I realized I could meter my exposure on the subject resulting in a blown out background which, with a little dodging on Photoshop gives me a white seamless background. Adapting is what I did. For the lighting, there was this amazing sunset going on on the right side through the window behind Blackman. This gave an orange glow of light on his face on the right so I decided to enhance it by lighting using an incandescent soft box on the right and using a huge fluorescent soft box on the left.

Enjoy the photos.


9 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [34] – Shedding light on a Blackman

  1. hehehe very smart my friend…i was gonna ask many question that you so graciously answered at the bottom there.

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