Personality Thursday [33] – Michelle & Georgia

Last week at oneTouch, we had a brilliant idea by Murimi[@hmurimi] to do a fashionish shoot. Since anything fashion is kinda not my forte’, I was excited at trying it out(Not sure it came out as fashion though). The models; Georgia Atieno[@atibelle] & Michelle Ayuma[@ayumyum] and the stylist, Furaha(as I have just discovered this from Murimi’s blog)[@kayndeto].

Now, for this, the lights we were to use, got…errm…indisposed momentarily so as we always say at oneTouch, we had to ‘Adapt’ We used a security flood light and for the second set of images added Car headlights to the mix. I think I did not do too bad now did I?

Model: Georgia Atieno

– black dress with white detail by Ke.Ko
– black and white hair clip by Ke.Ko
– purple beaded and long silver chain earings by Lalin
– artwork behind her courtesy of Otieno Kota (Kuona Arts Trust)

Styling by Kay Ndeto

Model: Michelle Ayuma

– black and blue lesso drape dress by Ke.Ko
– orange and lime multi-beaded brass necklace by Lalin
– Long gold tripple looped and ribbon earings by Zumaridi
– multi-coloured beaded bracelet by Lalin

Styling by Kay Ndeto

I should mention that there was much more shooting and as the photos come out from the rest of the photographers, I shall point you to them as they do.

All styling was done by Kay

All clothing was designed by Lalin Designers, Zumaridi Ornate and Ke.Ko(I should mention that all items from Ke.Ko are up-cycled)

The shoot was done at Kuona Arts Trust, a visual art’s center that houses some very creative painters, sculptors, the go on and check them out if you love art. Off Dennis Pritt Road in Hurlingham(

Sylvia Gichia, who has been a professional photographer for over 10 years welcomed us to Kuona and has been very helpful in ensuring that we are comfortable while there and that we feel welcome.


4 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [33] – Michelle & Georgia

  1. Not too bad! Not too bad at all!! :-D Awesome stuff….as always! And as much as fashion is not your forte, you have some good ideas. There’s so much potential! :-D

  2. This was fun dude!
    You did a great job. I did not even see your uncomfyness in shooting fashion. I believe tis the same concept; as long as you have a message you want to capture and portray…You’ll do gud.
    Looking forward to more shoots (^u^)
    Keep it up.

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