Personality Thursday [30] – The Joker

New Website

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to unveil to you and to others… MUTUAMATHEKA.CO.KE I have the pleasure of sharing my new website with y’all because it is a kinda proud accomplishment to me. The blog stays here, well at least for now as I transition smoothly. I shall still be blogging daily as usual too so keep following this and that.

Also, if you are near a radio, tune into Kiss 100 right now to hear Caroline Mutoko and I talk photography and whatever else she has planned. I shall be there from 7.30-10.00am.

Personality Thursday [30] – The Joker

What better way to celebrate 30 weeks of Personality Thursday than with The Joker.

On Tuesday, the oneTouch fraternity met to make a little piece of our history and Amush had the brilliant idea of shooting the Joker from Batman. Biggest problem, make up, enter Sonnie Kay the brilliant make up artist who transformed our friend Nyingez into ‘The Joker’. Since it was Amush’s poster assignment, I did not shoot for the poster but decided to do my own take at The Joker. This was definitely fun and every one brung it big. Thanks to Amush for sharing this shoot, Sonnie for doing this brilliant job and Nyingez for being a Joker.


11 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [30] – The Joker

  1. Hahahaa…Kanyingi….yo Mutua…cheked out your website….great stuff kama kawa….but still love your blog coz here your pictures have a story behind them…but keep on doing what you doing….they should take a picture of your brain too so people can appreciate God’s work pia:-D

  2. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeee!! Big up Mutua. Too fresh. You are proof of a promise given to us by Papa, Our creation was for greatness.

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