Movie Poster reproduction

Hey guys. At oneTouch we had an assignment which was to recreate movie posters based on their photography, we are a photography group anyway. This, as we realized later is not an easy task but assignments had to be done. I just want to share the process of what I did for my assignments.

My choice of posters to emulate were; Eastern Promises, Munich, Shutter Island & The Spirit. Shutter Island proved to be hard headed so I errm..postponed. The Spirit is still in the making. I got to finish Eastern Promises and Munich. These are the original posters

I liked the posters for their simplicity yet quite a challenge to shoot as I later discovered. Now to the photography, these are the photos I took straight off camera before(left) and after(right) processing.

1. Eastern Provinces

I increased contrasts and darkened the whole photo a bit. I also had to do some burning to the areas around the hand because they needed to be pitch black. Did a little sharpening, cropping and finally desaturated it a bit to get what I thought was my closest depiction to the original.

2. Munich

Again the original image straight off camera(left) and the processed image(right).

This was shot using ambient light from the window behind and the light from the tv, directly in front of the face(this was actually an accident having the telly on but it ended up being how the poster is. I did not have a gun so my fingers had to make a mean gun remake

For this one I cropped to fit, desaturated the image after boosting the contrasts. I then colorized the curtains to make them red and masked the desaturated layer so that the bottom part of the poster is black/white. I also added lots of vignette and burnt the bottom part to make it dark.

Final Products


25 thoughts on “Movie Poster reproduction

  1. hahahha… love the names and the final products!

    When is the movie showing? the one with Mutulicious , Wanjalicious and wacha mchezo??? lolest!

  2. Why hasnt anyone commented on the wording????

    Wanjalicious and Mutulicious productions ziko juuuu!!!!

    Ati Brat Pidd! *DEAD*
    Made my otherwise sad morning just turn to sunny side up!

  3. Loving the way you push your limits.Love how the final product resembles the original.This is raw God given talent.

  4. Lol!! Awesome stuff!! Very dope! :-D In fact for the hands you should have gotten some bic biro like this like this for the tattoos, lol!! Pretty awesome! :-D

  5. You just keep the wow coming with every single shot….man ur on fire,umekuwa James Bond wa Photography hehehe ofcourse with a license to shot

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