Springing Hotness – Lake Bogoria

The Exhibition

Now in other news, this weekend Steve Kitoto and I shall be doing our first exhibition at an event aptly named ‘The Exhibition’ you can see the details on facebook. This is an Art and Music extravaganza…no, I really just wanted to use that word. It is an exhibition of music and photography. Music by ‘Afrology the Band’ and photography by us. So join us at the Bomb Blast memorial on Saturday, 26th from 2pm for this. Get this, all attendees get a free portrait photo by Steve or me, cool huh?

Springing Hotness

In the main news….As my adventures continue…I got to Lake Bogoria, for the first time in my life. Somehow, I expected this place to be mad green, well I could not have been wronger. The place is hooot. On this particular day it was 36deg C. The ground is rocky so the stones reflect the heat and if you face down, you shall actually feel extra heat on your face, it’s colossal. But that was the first stop, we then got to the hot spring and it was really cool seeing the hot water coming from out of the ground. Surprisingly, that area was cooler than the other place without the hot spring. I enjoyed natures sauna by standing in the way of the steam, that was super cool and that became my healthy regimen for the year.

Enjoy the pics, enjoy your country



6 thoughts on “Springing Hotness – Lake Bogoria

  1. Loving the Kenya series! Lovely work. I miss home terribly now. Never been to the hot springs either… *cries*

    Usually the fact that it’s dry would be a bad thing (drought and all) but it’s provided for interesting contrast in the photography.

    I can see a spring bursting on the first photograph wondering if you have a close up?

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