Wallpaper Monday [29] – The Sleeping Moran

Hey guys. How are you doing? I am back at work after a short 1week leave. It was a fun filled week though and I think the photos shall be able to prove it.On the day I took this photo, I was planning to shoot the sunrise from my hotel room, which would have been cool but then I get asked to go to a balloon ride. I actually thought that I would go and shoot from the ground, that would still have been cool but then I ended up on the balloon, now shooting the sunrise from up there….that was winning big time. I enjoyed this 1hour ride and have many other photos coming on later blogs.

For the curious, this is Lake Elementaita. Can you see the hill in the middle region, that is called the ‘Sleeping Moran’ why? Look at the shape, you can see that it looks like an upward facing face, yes? and the stomach area is the background. I really hope you see it, at least so my title makes sense.

Enjoy this and download it and share…hey it’s free :-)

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8 thoughts on “Wallpaper Monday [29] – The Sleeping Moran

  1. I see it too…..great shot…i seriously need to travel more in this our lovely nation….captured through your lens!

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