Photography for a Cause

My church, The International Christian Center (ICC) (I don’t think politicians would want to come here, it might feel like putting yourself in jail), as I digress..So my church is building a structure for the youth church, Frontrunnerz, of which I am an honorary member, seeing as I am ideally too old to be there. To do this we, the youth in the church have been raising funds for the structure so that the main church matches our contribution 1:1. My good friend Steve Kitots and I have been shooting portraits for a measly 200 bob per portrait and giving all proceeds to the church building fund. I don’t know if any of you guys who follow this blog might be interested in supporting this cause, but if you would love to kindly let me know and I shall get in touch with you and tell you how we can do this. Help Steve & I build our church and get a fabulous photo in return.

Today I showcase a few of the shoots we have already done. This is my take


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