Personality Thursday [28] – A Couply Affair

Hey guys, it’s good to see that you still showed my blog some love even in my absence. I am back in Nairobi and back to live blogging too. In my short adventure over the past three days to Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and Naivasha, I took hundreds of photos which I can’t wait to share with y’all in due time.

Today though, my good friends Kelvin & Anne came by to get their photos done in a different way. It really is an experiment I was trying out for couples who would like their photos taken in a different way and look hot together. I think I kinda succeeded, in fact I think I was so successful that some of those pictures couldn’t go on here :). I decided to go all metallic on them because i like the effect.

If any couples out there would like to make some cool photos…or hot photos, let’s talk and do something great.


19 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [28] – A Couply Affair

  1. ooooh, myyy gooooodnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is awesome!!!!! For real bro., you are on another level. Much inspiration here, especially know that I’ve been really looking at authentic african Portraits … this tops them all,… (Had I a wife/girlfriend…..)

  2. Love the last shot… esp the pop of color on the earring. Would have been nice to see them look at each other though. Lovely lovely… *sighs* jameni si you come to Nigeria you take my pictures finally!

  3. omg!!!!! muts, ur on a whole other level, walahi!!!!!! i have to get me a man by july so i can have a shoot done ama u can do a mother daughter one????????

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