Animalistic Tendencies

The first time I did a game tour out of my own volition and with my own money and in a coolest manner was a few weeks ago, at Hell’s Gate national Park in Naivasha. It is a game park, more for savannah ‘vegetarian’ animals like buffaloes, antelope, gazelle, zebra etc The target was actually to shoot sunsets but since we got there an hour or so to sunset, there was lots of time to stalk zebras, giraffes and a few other animals.

If you can visit these parks sometime, it makes for an awesome experience and you shall enjoy the hospitality of the people at the park. They were super helpful and kind and they were apt in their please and thank you’s. Talk about service with a difference, however cliche’ that sounds.


11 thoughts on “Animalistic Tendencies

  1. I love them all(including the zebby bum hehehe)!
    And I love the calendar idea too! hmmmmm….maybe i’ll turn the wallpapers into my calendar for next year! ie if someone does not beat me to it :)

  2. Yup, that last picture is phenomenal. I think it’s in how the sunlight was bathing the landscape in the back and the play of shadows in the foreground. Awesome! :-D

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