Iphone moments of the week

Now since I started doing my twitpic moments(when I take photos using my phone instead of camera) I have enjoyed sneaking pics almost everywhere. I do ninja style photography all the time now in a place that looks like they shall shikanisha(thump me) me if they see a camera. I have devised many ways to get my angles in even when I am not looking, it’s amazing I shoot without even knowing it…haha. I am dotting my way onto a straight line now so just enjoy the photos if you will. All of the images are taken & edited on my iphone using these apps; Adobe Photoshop Express, Instagram & 100 cameras in 1

Ah, before I forget, Happy Women’s day to all women who read or view this blog. I got lots of respect for your species. You endure a lot and even more is expected of you. Without you guys men would be dirty, scrawly and pretty much unkempt in all ways, also we’d only ever eat meat. The spanking of my mother placed me in my current spot in the universe, thankful. For all y’all, salute, may your beauty be your flower to take care of as God gifted it to you. You are beautiful.


6 thoughts on “Iphone moments of the week

  1. Is it just me, or are you CONSTANTLY eating?! Lol! Cool stuff :-) I love these pictures, they just go to prove that good photography is more than good cameras.

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