Wild Sunsets

This week I have been posting lots of people photos and I am not stopping now. Last weekend I did a shoot-specific Hell’s gate tour and felt proud of myself for heeding to the ‘Twende Tujivinjari’ call from KWS. Being a local tourist is also mad fun. We got here at around 5.00 just in time for small time game shooting while waiting for the sunset which you shall soon see, fret not.

The photos today are of the cool team I went with; Jay Jay, Tash, Mrs. M & I. We managed to get a kinda cool position to shoot while just about 20 meters away, Zebra’s were grazing. A giraffe was also giving us side eyes about 50m away, it felt so native. After getting good sunset shots, I had to document the company I was with in proper style and regard to the wild.


The team, with Jay Jay holding on to the camera like he knew what he was doing

The photographer and his wife

The photographer looking busy for the shot

All the photos were shot using the Canon 7D with a 18-135mm lens. Shot at 18mm, f/22, 1/30sec & ISO100


7 thoughts on “Wild Sunsets

  1. If you got there at 5 am – what time did you leave – I am assuming, Nairobi ?
    Are the Parks open that early, or was it a special arrangement …?
    Would be interesting to know…

    Am enjoying your work – after KISS FM “advertised” it….

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