Kissed by an Angel

One of the cool things about being married to a woman who loves the camera, and one to whom the camera shows love back, is I have an In-house model who is available without going through an agent. Apart from being an amazing model, she has been a star wife too, some things she does for me I have even forgotten to do myself and I am grateful for that. In a few days we shall have been married a year and my first reaction on the realization was that time does flyyyy. Seriously, where did the year go to? Well my conclusion of the whole matter is that I am better married, my life is much better now than before and I couldn’t be happier. (I would be happy to indulge you cynics I see sneering at the words written here, ask your questions)

So, to the one who was the girl of my dreams and now is the one I share with my dreams.



All these were shot using a Canon 7D fitted with a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. Shot at f/3.2, 1/60sec, ISO 250. Amunga, one of my long term photography teachers inspired me to do the metallic kind of processing after seeing a version of it in one of his portraits, so thanks for that mwalimu.


20 thoughts on “Kissed by an Angel

  1. Jeez! It’s going to be a year!!!! Congratulations and may you have a long life together.
    Love the post and the pics. :)

  2. “So, to the one who was the girl of my dreams and now is the one I share with my dreams.”


    Heh, sawa.

    In house model kabisa… she looks beautiful.

    Now about that cynicism… I think some people are built for marriage, some are not. Some earlier in life, and some later in life. How’s that for an all-encompassing argument?

  3. Awwwwww, babygal looks gawwwgeous-as always!! I can’t decide which photo i like best….they all capture different facets*ahem,no need to stand* of her.Great job muts, and congratulations to all y’all, yenyewe time flies… about the anniversary cake….. tukuje saa ngapi?

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