Kenya 28th Feb: The scene from behind

Yesterday I witnessed a great moment as Kenyans united to sing our national anthem in different parts of Kenya and the world over. I was in tao at the Kencom bus station where a huge crowd gathered to sing. A great feeling of pride came over me as I sang that anthem in a way I never felt singing it before. There is that thing about doing something because you choose to, in understanding that can’t be compared with being forced to do it. It was also really cool meeting random people who kept asking ‘Hii kitu ni ya nani?’ and I kept telling them ‘Ni ya Wakenya’ and they joined.

I also met lots of cool tweeps there and had a bit of a good time, pics right below.

The Masses

And our flag flew in all shapes and sizes

The flame came out of nowhere..a cool addition if you ask me

The cool tweeps that I got to shoot. Dj Soxxy, Ngendo, Dann Mchoraji & Tim.

Now I must mention that some of the people here were just hanging around Kencom, trying out their luck at Charity Sweepstake hoping to get something, when they suddenly saw a mass of people congregate at the stage. We had to calm them for a while to get them in the right frame of mind first. This is when we realized that they had missed a chance at being interviewed by David McKenzie of CNN when he did the mental health feature at Mathare, they wanted a chance to have that cleared and so we had to make it happen before they rained some hell on us. Apparently they had been living out in the open hiding in plain sight, until the day McKenzie would be around and they then pounced. See the story in pictures below…


11 thoughts on “Kenya 28th Feb: The scene from behind

  1. the flames….!!! sweet! Glad i was there…should have stuck around for a photo with david mckenzie… :) ha! compare Ngendo’s face in the pic with soxxy and that with mckenzie…priceless!!!

    p.s. autum(n) matheka…like.

  2. Still can’t believe I didn’t run into you. Dope pics though. I have a video of the whole thing I’ve been trying to upload for a while.

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