Sleeping with the Enemy

Now, I know this title has brought many here imagining a different kind of post, hey what can I say, if you read on, you shall see what I mean. In the lens world, we fight a lot about camera brands, particularly Nikon vs Canon. Y’all know I’m a Nikonite kabisa but I have bedded a few from the enemy camp of Canon. I use a friends T2i a lot but before you fellow Nikonites glare me down with your piercing stares, don’t they say keep your enemies closer, I mean how else shall we get ammunition to diss them.

This week I have been wooing a Canon 7D and it does shoot great. Today I post some of the photos I shot using it. Haven’t got myself to giving it back yet. Only thing is every time I shoot Canon, I am wondering about the Nikon alternative. Like I know the Nikon equivalent of the 7D is the D7000, correct me if you think otherwise. And true enough, it has been on my wish list since it was released some time last year. I said that out loud in case any one reading this feels sufficiently philanthropic and drops one on my doorstep, you too Santa. But for now, I shall keep wooing the enemy, looking for ammunition and stretching their limits.

Enjoy the shots…If you are a photographer, what is your weapon of choice? Why?

The 2 above were shot at f/11 for 20sec at ISO100 & 57mm (18-135mm)

Shot at f/2.8 for 1/30sec ISO100 at 100mm (100mm macro)

Shot at f/2.8 for 1/20sec ISO100 at 100mm (100mm macro)

Shot at f/5.6 for 1/20sec ISO2000 at 135mm (100mm macro)


18 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Enemy

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  2. Nice shots.

    I’m a Canonian. But I use a Sony Alpha that I’ve had for eons and love dearly. Weapon of preference remains the 5d mark II and the 7d.

    • I have been using that 7D and I like it, handles well. Ultimately though, I am Nikonian, working toward that D7000 now…I am made to understand that the 5D is a beast. Do you have it already ama it’s the future plan, near future?

  3. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So you’ve just spewed several thousand words on the joys that the Canonized have known for centuries :)


    PS My weapons of war – 400D+5D2. 7D will replace my humble 400D one of these days. Anyone here work for G4S? ;-)

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