Phones are Camera’s too?

Well, for the sake of the many who already have camera phones, I sure hope so. I did not like to use my phone as a camera until a short while ago when I got the Iphone, I realized that I could shoot situations that my camera might miss or be unnecessary. So far it has been enjoyable thanks to the ‘Instagram‘ & ‘Photoshop Express‘ app’s for iphone. I shoot, I edit, I upload, all from my phone. This is my collection from the scenes around me in the past week. I got to shoot a sunrise, thanks to God. No, quite literally, because I had to get to church last Sunday before 7am. On the way to pick a friend from Jamuhuri estate, It hit me…’Mutua, sunrise!! Sunrise!!’ And it looked beautiful against the silhouette of the buildings and power lines…see for yourself

8 thoughts on “Phones are Camera’s too?

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  2. wow!!! you guy the photos are on point huat!!! ha! i think you meant “Mutua, sunrise sunrise…” all the same amazing pics especially the first and the last ones (hmm…alpha and omega…) anyway keep on! Baraka!

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