Wallpaper Monday [25] – Out of the Blue

If I haven’t emphasized this enough, I love my country, I love my countrymen, I love our landscapes, I love the colors and textures of Kenya. Anywhere you look could be a potential postcard photo. Kenya is awesome and this is what I hope to show in the photos I take. Today I share this monument in Mombasa, just outside the Fort Jesus, in the sea.

Well, I have tried to look for the name for this monument but I can’t seem to find it. If you know it, kindly share it in the comments below, tuelimishane.

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4 thoughts on “Wallpaper Monday [25] – Out of the Blue

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  2. @Mwaniki, the one you speak of is in Malindi but this one in the photo is in Mombasa.
    I am not too sure if there is a name for this one (all my googling has not borne any fruit yet!) so I am also looking forward to whoever knows what the pillar is called.

    The pic is great….the ocean has some amazing blue!

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