A Friday MashUp

Hey guys, for today, we have this mashup post of some of Anto’s photos(I seem to have shot a huge number of shots for this guy) and some silhouette shots I did of myself with help from Berytah. I love the streets of Nairobi and love to shoot them too. I do believe we live in a beautiful city and live to show that beauty, but that shall be told on another day.

For now, enjoy this photos that are not connected. Just a collection from different shoot sessions.


11 thoughts on “A Friday MashUp

  1. This is really good. I’ve always wondered how that light-blur effect is created… Do you do that in post ama its a setting/ technique while shooting.

    Awesome work!

    • Thanks Mwinyi. The light streaks are due to opening the shutter for 5seconds. Anto on the other hand, had to stay very still for the same time so the lights blur and he remains sharp. On post I added an extra blur, not a light streak

  2. wololo! enyewe sio uwongo, u have shot many of my pics and I am humbled, honoured sijui niseme what!
    through your lens, I now know how beautiful Kenya is!
    we live in a beautiful country, full of endless possibilities and gifted people like Mutz!


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