Personality Thursday [24] – Singer & Songwriter

Thanks to twitter, I have ended up meeting another lovely soul, Jaya. I had seen her before a long while ago while doing missions in JKUAT, I’m sure she wouldn’t remember this. It’s always nice getting to meet people, well at least for me, especially after tweeter has helped in breaking the ice.

Now today is Jaya’s birthday and since us Feb babies take care of our own, we agreed to do the post on her birthday, it’s supposed to be special. So happy birthday Jaya. May you grow to be a wonderful, wise woman who feels and experiences love as much as she receives it. May it be a joy to be  around you and may generations of Jaya-lets know the great things you shall do in your time. Be blessed to be a blessing and may your goals be achieved in your lifetime. Enjoy your youth and don’t allow yourself to be despised for it (that’s Timothy), I know that, coming from me sounds funny but oh well. Always stand up for the truth, however hard it is(it’s going to be), always stand proud and always stand corrected.

Do not hold on to crap, it really does end up smelling in your hands, love & forgive freely(you shall be amazed at how the two go hand in hand). May you be drawn to the awesome stuff and may God ALWAYS guard your heart and mind in Him as you follow Him. Amen

(Gosh I know I sounded all dad up there, hey I am NOT *that* old.)

Well, on to the photos then


11 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [24] – Singer & Songwriter

  1. wow, am still torn between deciding whether its the photographer or the model who made these pics real awesome….btw Muts, umezeeka.

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  3. amaazing work mr.photogragher!!thn the model its js wonderful to knw such beauty is nt js skin-deep,.a great personality n a lady of God she is..perfection!!

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