Nairobi is Home

I remember we were supposed to shoot this at the top of KICC and the light ended up eluding us. Anto looked down at the street from the top and suggested we do something at street level, of course I was excited about that so we packed up and took it to the street. We decided to shoot in the middle part separating the road so we get the cars’ light flare. We gathered a lot of attention, not to mention that we were ready at all times to run for it in case we have a run in with authority. I have to say Anto is like a robot, dude had to stay still for 5seconds for this shot and it still is considerably sharp.

I look forward to taking it to the streets again soon.


28 thoughts on “Nairobi is Home

  1. first I am scratching my head coz I dont know what to write and all I have to say is wah, Mutua you are a gifted man!
    I am so humbled!

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