My week in Photos

Hey guys. I just made a new resolution not to be tied down by the equipment I have. I recently bought an iPhone and decided to just be taking random photos on the move and edit them on the phone too using 2 very cool free apps I got. Photoshop Express and Instagram. These are, in my opinion the best free photography apps I have used.

These may not be you top notch quality photos but look at them and let me know what you think. I like that it provides for a way to just be able to whip out a phone and take a good photo and document the world around you, no? Well

The last one was yesterday’s torrents giving me serious butt-whoopery yesterday coming from work. I am good and dry today hoping the rain stays far away from where I am. Have a good day people

10 thoughts on “My week in Photos

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  2. I LOVE these! There’s something about the pictures that makes me feel like I’m flipping through an old family album. The grain actually adds to the story-telling.
    Really good set :-)

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