Wallpaper Monday [24] – Kenya ni Yetu/Kwetu

As people all over the world celebrate romantic love today, I’d like to highlight a different kind of love, Love for our country, patriotism. I know I just lost a few readers after talking about patriotism but please stay with me. Their are many reasons not to love Kenya, I mean, look at the governance, leadership, distribution of resources….I could go on. But the bottom line is that This is Home, period! A sense of pride comes, not with wealth but with a change in thought, change in mentality. We truly are blessed beyond comprehension if we just stepped back to look without complaining.

We have many wrongs to right but where does it start, who does it start with? An obvious answer, Ni Sisi. In your house, when there is a roof leak, who takes care of it, you, right? When the shopping is finished? when the dirt needs cleaning? It is you. My home does not end at my door step…it extends to far Southern coast, to highest Northern point and the farthest East and West. I know it is frustrating when you try and feel like your efforts do not make a difference, be strong, it may not take a day or even week but things shall change if the few that love their country shall make a decision to do that which is right. At your level, whatever your level or circle of influence is.

It is our country, our pride.


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