Desaturated Nature

I don’t if you have ever imagined life without color, I think us kaos would suffer the most. Then you know how black & white photos look cool…they wouldn’t any more because that would be the norm. The dream would be to get a color shot or to convert a black & white photo into a color photograph. That guy who invented that machine would be so rich. So, point? No point, only that I went out specifically to get black & white photos of nature as in with the camera set on ‘monochrome’. When you do this, you realize that shots get interesting based on the textures they have, which may explain why you enjoyed yesterday’s black & white muffin photographs. No color, great texture and your mind fills in the rest. Today, you may have to do the same. I sought to capture interesting textures based in nature. Enjoy


3 thoughts on “Desaturated Nature

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