Another Tasty Tuesday

When Wambui Lamu suggested I do ‘Tasty Tuesday’, I liked the idea but I was worried about not getting in enough shots of food on a weekly basis. It may be possible, maybe not, I promised myself to try it out as much as possible and see if it sticks. So thanks Wambui, now I keep scouring my week for an opportunity to do food shots.

These are muffins from the Tusky’s TMall bakery, they are quite the delight, both to shoot and to eat and I enjoyed every bit of the process. Now, I shall leave you to suffer a watery mouth as I go sink my teeth into one of these babies. Sorry.


9 thoughts on “Another Tasty Tuesday

  1. I don’t think this tasty Tuesday was a good idea!!! Now I’m craving muffins! The one in the first pic is just dying to be eaten…by me… *wipes drool*

  2. Awwwww… thanks for the mention and props! Awesome photography as always! Lucky you I just ate and the pics won’t mess me up!

    Meanwhile, slam a Tusky’s logo on that, no copy and you have a nice Ad that can be put on Mbagathi Way Roundabout…I see people turning into T-Mall to get them some muffins!

  3. good job showing the textures if that is what you are going for.
    interestingly enough I cannot remember seeing a black and white food shot of late….maybe color really makes the food pop more….a thick red juicy tomato looks very appealing compared to a b/w version of the same.
    I like this photo for its sake but it doesnt really make me hungry…maybe its coz I already had breakfst or too much noticable postprod. The muffin in the foreground have a greenish/bluish color (which may imply they’ve grown mouldy)

    I notice something else the pics of muffins in foreground being sharp are more appealing than the first one where the muffin is in the background and is sharp…I guess use your focus selectively to bring out whatever emphasis you want and try make sure nothing else distracts my visual tastebuds

    Cheers to better photography

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