A Friday Sundowner

Hey guys, my day today has started on quite the hectic, running around note. But I’m finally blogging for the day.

So this are images I took the other day.

The location, the helipad of the KICC in Nairobi CBD, the venue is deserted save for me and Beritta, the lady who unknown to me would be my assistant during this shoot. The time is 6.00pm and the sun is beginning to take a dip in the horizon, the sky is slowly transitioning to a golden yellow casting long shadows and a reflective strip on the slightly cracked concrete of the helipad. As the shadows grow longer, our patience wanes, see we are waiting for a young man of the musician types, a certain Anthony Mwangi popularly known to his fans as AntoNeosoul. We know we have to take action as the gods of the skies shall not forgive us for wasting such an awesome sunset whilst holding precision machines that freeze moments. We look at each other, we know what has to be done.

The tripod is expanded and set up, eyes peer into the quickly disappearing sun, shielded by shaky fingers, ideas are brewing in our heads. Setup is now done and I know what I have to do. Wiping the sweat from my brow I know I have to break out ‘the moves’. It has been long since I did this, meditation is necessary to get my self high above the clouds. I know it’s going to be a jump-off. I smile and are thankful that the one Anthony was late in coming. I exhale and float up, ready to do what I know I have to do.

I now know, more than ever, all it takes to fly is ideas, not wings

21 thoughts on “A Friday Sundowner

    Buda…you’ve killed it!!!..Super Great Stuff…me and the other sun worshipers will love this!!

  2. Hey hey people. Thanks for these ‘likes’, ‘comments’ & ‘shares’…I am humbled that y’all would feel this as much as I did. I enjoyed going through all these comments

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