Super Push-Up

So I have really been obsessed lately with levitation and how to use it creatively to make good photos. If you been here a while you may notice that. Today is no different, I’m going to do more and more of these until I perfect the art of it technically & creatively. Today I was wondering about how a Super Push-up would look(as in, if Superman had to do a push-up.) This is the closest my mortal mind could come up with, though I’m pretty sure Superman could do much better.

Kindly enjoy the shot and feel free to speculate & comment. I do enjoy reading them at the end of a long day


13 thoughts on “Super Push-Up

    • Hey thanks Wambui. Actually i didn’t, I discovered on this that light behaves quite differently on skin than on another surface. I pointed the light to my face so I leave the room kinda dark, then because the lights were focussed on my being, the falloff to the walls was great(observe the shadows)

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