Spin me a tale. What if it were real?


19 thoughts on “Quadro-handler

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  2. Gosh,it that were real,it would be sooo disturbing.Yenyewe God was spot on with the just two hands thing:)i love the photo though!

  3. Asssiiii! There is no long tale to spin here! I’m imagining I am sitting in place of the camera, in a closed door meeting in semi-dark room with this person then another set of arms raises from the ones on the table to prove a point… how about my eyes roll back, the whites show and I lose consciousness?!

  4. lol,… this so Nostalgic. As a kid I always wanted to have like four hands. A villain who once beat up Popeye had four hands.

    Here’s the story.

    He’s a Marvel super Hero. His name is Quad-Man. He came from planet Quantonium. His ability and all the senses of his body are run by Quantewlenne( Its a type of Blood-Serum-ish thingy)
    His greatest assets, His hand. He believes he can save the world, but mostly does laundry and other house chores for his wife/girlfriend (the writer of his Bio did not have the right info at the writing of this)
    He does so because he’s weak to Human emotion. Emotion like love breaks Quad Man down.
    He still insists on saving the world. I think he’s about to Go to Egypt and Tunisia…

    I think.

  5. This aint a superhero he would have been wearing tights and an underwear on the outside…..hehehe Laundry Man is jst too lame.This right here is the Kenyan version of Matrix….After taking the blue pill(piriton from the chemist downtown)This guy felt like he was Mr Smith…Yes I knw your going to ask where the stunners at?Apparently hez already juggled them away (Check out the juggler previous shots)…So in Order to get Neos Attention He moves his hands up and down so fast that your eyes can barely load the motion blur effect….Jst a thought

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