I do(NOT) love my drink

Well today the high court overturned the ruling against the Mututho bill(Kenyan‘s shall understand this). This is a tribute to y’all who love your drink, and no, I do not take alcohol.

This week I want to post photos without stories and let y’all tell me the story in your comments, think y’all could do that? Please. Thanks and have a good day


20 thoughts on “I do(NOT) love my drink

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  2. I love the peaking Tusker label, I agree with Joy that it’d be good for subtle advertising.

    Ok my story for this picture is this:

    Tusker is the guy, Wine glass 1 (next to Tusker) is a good girlfriend of Tusker and Wine glass 2 (the one at the forefront) is a girlfriend of Wine Glass 1 and Tusker is very interested in her and so is using Wine Glass 1 to get info and then start putting his moves on Wine Glass 2. But Wine Glass 1 doesn’t know this and think Tusker is interested in her and doesn’t think to question why all Tusker’s questions are about Wine Glass 2…phew… am confusing myself.

  3. For the fans, could you occassionaly give pictures of your lighting set ups? I’m burning with curiosity to see how you lit this one.
    (Of course, this may be a huge secret, so, in that case, I’ll just respectfully admire)

    • Will it disappoint you to know that the only light sources were the candles? I tried one shot with extra light and didn’t like(the low-key lover in me so I turned em off and after a few attempts with manual focusing to get the froth in focus I got what I wanted(I originally put the candles to give some nice bokeh, which I got in the other shots). But yeah the light setup…*thinking about it* I could

  4. @ Wambui, lol, Wine glass 1 doesn’t know it yet, But Tusker Bottle is Tusker’s boy, they known each other from waay back, he’s a body builder too, so they wanna do that exchange (over the counter) Wine glass 2 to Tusker, and Wine glass one to Tusker’s boy,.>> The Big Bottle (Actually that’s his real name> BIG) lol

    But for real tho,… this shot is very nice. KUDOS bra!

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