Personality Thursday [20] – Who Am I Really

Times & Seasons

Times and seasons are amazing. Time to do everything, that is why it is time.You are not meant to grow old on the spot, which is why God gave you years, not just so you celebrate your birthday.

Time to cry so that you appreciate happiness, and to laugh so that you take away sadness.

Time to be a son/daughter, brother/sister, mother/father, uncle/aunt, friend, grandfather/grandmother, time to be who you can be to whom it may be.

Time to cry, mourn, rejoice, be sad. Time to marvel at life’s awesomeness and yet another time to wallow in life’s depression. Time to be glad and time to be mad. Time for calmness and time for franticness(if there is something like that)

I love seasons because then if I don’t like the time, I know that it shall pass and better times shall come. Some seasons are good, others are hard, others even harder but you shall be amazed at the resilience of the human spirit. We can take a lot and bounce back from it, true, it’s amazing.

I guess the point is to hold on if you are going through the rough patch for the sun shall come out once more. if you are going through the happy times, enjoy the times for a dark time shall surely come and it is through these dark times that our spirits grow tougher and we learn the greatest lessons. As Ron Kenoly sings, ‘If you are going through hell, dont stop, and if you catch hell, don’t hold it'(or something to that effect). That, my friends, is the beauty of times and seasons.

Who Am I Really?

This is a series of portraits I have been wishing to do for a while and I am glad I finally got around to doing em. My face should hurt from contorting it this much. You like?


14 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [20] – Who Am I Really

  1. Next time go African and use a panga instead….but don’t put it in your mouth unless you’ve had tetanus shots:”D….love the colour contrasts…your name is Autumn backwards…

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!You should have thrown up the deuces aiii? I like them all even the crazy p(b)irate-caught-climbing-up-ladder-to-save-maiden-with-knife-in-mouth and mwizi wa kuku one hahaha! Good stuff!!!

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