Spit, Grit & A whole lot of Duct tape

Remember in Madagascar 2 when the jolly troop crash-landed in Africa? The penguins were asked how they were going to repair the damaged plane and they said “Well…spit, grit and a whole lot of duct tape” or was it just tape? Any who, the point is that it is amazing how getting things repaired requires lot’s of “dirt” to get things clean. That, to me is the real meaning of “getting your hands dirty”, the fact that, to plant a tree, you must dig into the dirt and put the plant into the soil. We are a generation that does not like getting our hands dirty and following due procedure to get things done. We want everything in a rush. Instant tea, instant coffee, instant wives/husbands, instant gratification.

Being good at something, anything, takes lots of time. Being the best takes even longer. No wonder the people who have made a difference in their fields have spend their time perfecting their game, people like Bill Gates & Steve Jobs in IT. They started very young and are still at it. No wonder the world listens when they speak. Actors, producers, artists, musicians, photographer’s, painters, all fields require time and resilience to master your craft. All I would wish is that I shall live long enough in the field of photography to see myself become a great, a pro. I pray that I may put in as much work as is needed without giving up, I pray that I may live to see my photography make a difference in this country, continent maybe even world.

My encouragement to anyone doing something they love is to keep at it till you get good, then better, then start all over again till you get even better. If it is worth doing, then it may as well be worth doing well. So today get your spit, grit and duct tape on.

Aging at the Nairobi Arboretum

Some more shots from the Nairobi Arboretum showing some age and rot of some of the benches and tables there. Something about the textures grabbed me great. Enjoy the shots if you are into this kinda thing.

6 thoughts on “Spit, Grit & A whole lot of Duct tape

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  2. I think that it is so sad that they have let benches and stuff rot instead of taking better care of them. You are right, if you neglect your talent then it will rot like that ka-bench.

  3. ive been inspired.my whole life ive been waiting for someone like you to make a change in the world and our communities. it gives me so much hope that people like you are making a difference by using your talents. god bless you

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