A Tasty Tuesday

Nope, this is not yet going to be a weekly post. No pressure yet :). As I was hooking up with some friends to swap cartoons, I was that guy quickly taking photos of their food and drinks as they took ’em. I had to delay them at times just so I could take a shot…what can I say. I realized that I would really like to take photos of food that is well done and arranged like culinary art but I don’t have the patience to make a fancy meal just so I can take a photo. I also don’t think I can afford to eat all that fancy food to shoot it. So if any of y’all readers here own a restaurant, you could call me and get me a meal to shoot AND eat, I would enjoy that.

Enjoy these few, hoping I don’t make anyone [too] hungry with this, if you do, I’m sorry, lunch is a short while away, yes?


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