About a few months ago, maybe November? I shot a wedding for my friends Joe & Eva, we were in campus together and I had seen them make advances here and there so this was pretty much expected. The wedding was beautiful, needless to say, and it was fun to shoot. As most of you who actually read this blog know, I love shooting details, unfortunately, I did not do much of that in this one(I really don’t understand why, though I am sure that then, I had a clear explanation).

What do I love most in shooting weddings? I love shooting them like I would a documentary. I love photography where things are implied and not laid out fully for all to see(this is just me, my preference). I’m sure this is something you shall notice in my photography. I love it when the subject is sharp and all else out of focus since then, your eye focuses on the subject itself. I do hope you enjoy these

And to cap it off, a photo with every one who was there at the shoot, part of the planning crew, bridal party, innocent by-standers, the works. Having seen a tip off Scott Kelby’s book, ‘The Digital Photography book’  on taking group photos from above, I tried it and liked the outcome. It is easier to see everybody’s faces, short or tall. I like it.

That concludes that post. Wishing Joe & Eva a lifetime of happiness.


12 thoughts on “JOE + EVA :: A WEDDING POST

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  2. ati u didn’t shoot details abu look at ur first pics. I love the one when she is putting make up and the hands its so cute…

  3. Amazing photography…very above average stuff…i like that there are no posed/ cliche type pics like traditional kenyan weddings…this is so cool

  4. Funny you should say that. I’m studying Mozart and one of his favorite things to say was something about ‘the beauty of art lying in the implicit’ It made so much sense and even more now.

    I like the little girl in the group photo with the basket to her face and the pictures of the couple, fading one out- focusing on the other, are my favorites.

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