Weddings: The Details

First Friday of 2011, I am grateful to God for that. I know that a lot of times we assume that our existence is guaranteed, assume that after today, there shall always be tomorrow, well the truth is that we ain’t in control of that, never have been. For me though, that is a good thing because you see, I want to live today like I am alive today! Tomorrow, is not going to drive my today. I mean, I am not going to throw away all I believe for todays satisfaction but I shall love more, give more, shoot more, do more pf the things that I love so that if tomorrow does not find me here, well, no regrets today. I do understand that this goes against human nature and all policies of Insurance as we know them. But go on and live a little, it is a beautiful day.


This post is about wedding details. I love shooting details best when I shoot weddings, they amaze me. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m there to shoot the people and not the small stuff. This is a small collection of a few photos from several different weddings I have shot is my short photography stint. Enjoy if you may.


19 thoughts on “Weddings: The Details

  1. if wendy didnt ask the bokeh thing i would have ask…already told Steve that u,him and shaydest will have to take pics at my wedding…i know u will take care of the details which i love,let me DM u the pics of a friend he loves the details too in a wedding hope u will enjoy his work…

    ooops i forgot to write the comment,ur eyes see what other people ignore and ur work is to show them what you see and immortalize the moment. Thx for that

  2. Being that we already seem to be sharing factors regarding Weddings: The Details , If you have a very short ceremony at a small chapel, the wedding will take less time for the photographer to shoot. They can then spend a couple of minutes with you and your wedding party instantly after the ceremony to take outdoor or other types of shots. In numerous instances, this is all individuals require for their photos.

  3. Talk to the couple and get to know them prior to the wedding if you do not already. It is an essential component of the job to comprehend the couple’s personality and their likes and dislikes prior to doing any photography for their wedding. Each and every couple is various and by obtaining to know them and understand their personalities, you can greatest determine which style and theme of pictures they would most enjoy. Although wedding photography can certainly be a stressful field, as you always wish to make sure you pleased the couple and captured the beauty of their wedding day, it can also be a extremely fulfilling and financially rewarding job.

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