Personality Thursday [18] – Coastal Edition

It goes without saying that I love sunsets and all things sunset. While at the coast, as we set up for some sunset shots that shall be posted here soon, I decided to grab some quick sunset portraits of the crew we were with. I loved the outcome and decided that to be a good start to Personality Thursday this year. The sun was amazingly warm and just a few adjustments to contrast and brightness and we have a cool image, I think.

This is kinda a strange week as I have to blog late in the night(or very early, depending on your perspective). My usual program is altered due to the nature of my work this week. I am used to editing photos at night and blogging in the morning..oh well, these are just my musings.

Soon enough, I shall be doing prints of any of my photos for anyone to purchase or whatever, I am very excited about that prospect right now so any interested parties, get in touch with me and let us see if I cant get Nairobi nights into your living room. Enough talk, on to the photos. Natasha, Wendy, Mrs. M & Stanley were the willing, unwilling? models, they were paid, in full, with smiles. I think that any expression they show here is not a reflection of the awesome awesome biriani they had gobbled a few hours before…

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