A Coastal Dusk

As some of y’all know I was in the Kenyan coast for a vacation with Mrs M coupled with a photo expedition. It was mad fun and a bit frustrating trying to chase the sunsets. Next time I seek to be better prepared to know exactly where the sun shall be setting into the ocean. On this particular day we literally chased the sun looking for where it was setting, we weren’t very successful but we landed on this beach somewhere in Nyali and decided to use whatever available light we got from the sun. Not too shabby but more of the coastal photos shall be coming as we progress.


14 thoughts on “A Coastal Dusk

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  2. Thanks guys…I love your comments really..

    @ShikoMsa, yes it was but next time I shall probably ask you in advance to lay out a trap for the sun for me, just to make sure I get it right.

    @Ras Mengesha, what! I also want to do what I do when I grow up but much more of it and much better.

    Yes, @Ragz they are….errmm…ethereal…:-)

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