Personality Thursday [17] – Best Of 2010

This may be the last Personality Thursday I do this year. And since I was away most of this week, I did not get a chance to shoot specifically for today but niwieni radhi wenzangu tafadhali.

I started Personality Thursday more as a challenge to myself to grow in people photography and stop fearing shooting people. I used to fear the very idea of shooting human people, really. See the first PT, I really did need PT to push me out of my comfort zone(shooting buildings).

Now here is a lineup of the photos from the very first PT to where I am currently. This shall be a long post it seems. I am only taking my favorite from every shoot. Enjoy


12 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [17] – Best Of 2010

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  2. I love! Quick question though…why do they all seem sad and or angry? How about you target smiling shots next year? e.g >>>> :)

    Good job dude! This remains one of my favourite blogs this year. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lol! It’s like meeting friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Your photography has been inspirational, and your growth tremendous. Thanks for the entertaiment and for encouraging me to new photographic heights.

    That said, I support Kbaab’s comment about smiles. Happyness is so elusive to capture, usually, coz it’s so hard to fake it for a camera? Can we see more joy next year?

  4. Lol Kbaab…I actually never noticed that mpaka you said it. Maybe I define myself through sadness…or really happiness on photo is hard to captured just as Murphy’s said. I don’t know.

    Next year though shall be a happier portrait year. I shall intentionally make them happy as I shoot.

    Wambui, you are opening my year 2011, si that one is cool.

    I am glad to have influenced anyone here positively in whatever way. Thanks for all the visits and comments and for some like Steve, being shooting buddies. This is to a good year that was

  5. The progression is clear. Looking at your earlier images, i must say that you have become an even better photog. Cant wait to see what you have in store for us this coming year.

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