Wallpaper Monday [17] – Corrugated

As this airs, I am somewhere in the Kenyan coast. Well considering the time, I am asleep or I woke up early to shoot a sunrise. Good stuff. So anyway, part of Kenya’s most recognizable textures has got to be the corrugated sheet(mabati). So I decided to put it up here as the wallpaper today. I already tried it and it looks good, especially if you are into minimalist wallpaper. So enjoy downloading and sharing. Just click on your resolution and save it on your computer.

By the way, if you liked the wallpapers that I put out the whole year, you can access all of them from here. Enjoy catching up on all that.

Download “Corrugated” Wallpaper

Download resolutions: – 1440×900 – 1600×1280 – 1900×1440 – 1920×1200 – ipad – iphone


5 thoughts on “Wallpaper Monday [17] – Corrugated

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