Personality Thursday [16] – Black/White KungFu-ish

Now juzi(Tuesday), the usual culprits & I were at it again as I was shooting for Personality Thursday. Steve, Shaydest, Katts, the model Joanne and a special guest Monica (great photographer, peep her Flickr). As always it was an awesome time riddled with lots of indecisiveness about where to put the lights, how to pose the model…. I tell you, more than 1 photographer in a room is a little too much. Eventually though, we devised a system for everyone to shoot effectively, I think and get the necessary results. All in all it was mad fun and we(the dudes) learnt a lot on how to quickly style a model before a shoot from Monica, talk about a womans touch…


16 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [16] – Black/White KungFu-ish

  1. I like shot 2. it has a Kill Billness it. It also helps that the model knows what she’s doing. Nice work. i cant wait to see what images the rest of the dream team made.

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